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About LabourMarket.com

Labourmarket is a new and innovative tool to change the way you hire and look for work. Whether you are a business looking to increase your workforce to hit a project deadline, or a contractor looking for a new project to begin - labourmarket offers access to the best new contract jobs and contracting talent that the industry has to offer.


Our aim is to make hiring as simple as possible. labourmarket offers employers simple, easy access to the latest talent. Whether for one day or long term positions labourmarket aims to bring you the best candidates with clear profiles ready for you to hire. You can vet skills, work history and even view copies of qualifications all with a click of a mouse.


We want you to stand out from the crowd, not be just one of thousands of boring CV's! By offering contractors the chance to create a bespoke profile which includes the ability to upload your certificates and qualifications, choose your skills and rate yourself to demonstrating when and where you used these on your work history. All of this is packaged neatly for employers to review and call you! As with everything you get what you put in so the more information you can provide the better - we just make it easier to demonstrate your talents to your next employer!

Working Together

At labourmarket we truly believe in working together in order to build a reliable market place of job seekers and employers. We see both employers and job seekers as important as each other and by working together we can ensure that labourmarket is as useful as it possibly can be for each and every user. We promote honesty and fairness across the board, whether this be creating honest and accurate profiles to creating accurate job posts the more we all out in the more useful the site becomes. As part of this we will be offering a range of benefits that are solely available to labourmarket members. These will range from discounts on industry related items to advise and guidance on a number of industry related projects. In order to benefit from these register today - it could not be simpler!

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